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Don’t worry, we won’t email you often. For now, we just want to welcome you with some handy hints to get you started in drllz.

Coach Mode & View Mode

When building your lesson, there are 2 modes available. We call them ‘Coach Mode’ and ‘View Mode’

Coach Mode
In Coach Mode, you can edit everything. You can type Notes, delete, edit or rename anything on field, retime your keys and generally be the Coach. One finger moves items on the field, and two fingers will move and zoom the view.
Coach Mode

View Mode
In View Mode, you cannot edit anything but you can view the session from any angle. One finger orbits the view, two fingers will move and zoom the view.
Image of View Mode
View Mode is what your players will see when you share your session.

Time-based work flow

When building a lesson, the correct work flow goes like this :

  1. Position your players.
  2. Move the Playbar along the timeline.
  3. Repeat.

You’ll notice that each time you change the position of your players on field, a small circle appears on the timeline. This is called a Key.
You can slide keys up and down to change the timing of your play. You can attach a note to a key whenever the Playbar is over the top of one. Just look in the Notes panel.

If you need more timeline, just pinch-zoom on it with two fingers.

Click and hold = Popup menu

If you click and hold on any of your sessions, lessons, field items, Notes, or Keys, a popup menu will appear that provides extra functionality.

eg. Share your sessions, delete Keys, rename players, edit Notes or lesson titles and so on.


To share a session with your team, just send them the Sharecode of that session. Once they have this code, they will always see your latest work in that session, no matter how many updates you make.

How to get a Sharecode?
Click and hold the session you want to share
then choose ‘Share’.
Image of Click and hold to share

Our server will send you an email and put the Sharecode onto your device’s clipboard so you can
paste it into an email, text message or wherever you want.

If you ever need that Sharecode again, you can do this as many times as you want for that session at no cost because the Sharecode remains the same for that session (until you delete it from your account)

You can see how many people have pasted your Sharecode into their account from the number shown next to your Shared Session icon.

Publish your sessions with us

We’re seeking expressions of interest from Coaches who might want to publish their work on our upcoming Marketplace.

If you’re a qualified and/or experienced Coach and have session ideas you’d like to publish with us, get in touch today.

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