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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important concepts?

There are 3 important things to remember when using drllz.

  1. CoachMode must be turned on to edit your Lessons.
  2. drllz has a time-based workflow.  Remember to move the Playbar along the timeline before you re-position your players.  Each new field positioning is shown by a Key.

    Playbar and Keys

  3. Touch & hold will open a related menu.   This works everywhere in drllz.
How do I share a session?
  1. Touch & hold on the Session you want to share.
  2. Choose Share from the menu that appears.
  3. Once the app has finished synchronising with our server, you will receive an email to share with your team.

The email looks like this.

SharedSessionEmailThe app also puts the session’s sharecode on the device clipboard so you can paste directly into wherever you want immediately (email/document/text-message etc). Anyone can use this sharecode to “Paste a code” inside drllz. This lets them always see the latest version of your Session no matter when you update it.

Is it really free? What's the catch?
Yes, the app is free to use for everyone and there is no catch. Feel free to read the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy so you can see what its all about.
How do I set up a lesson properly?
We recommend you watch this video first

Here is a basic written description of the correct workflow inside a drllz lesson. (CoachMode must be turned on.)

  1. Position items on field.
  2. Drag Playbar along timeline.
  3. Go back to step 1 to repeat for as long as you need.
What is a Sharecredit and how does it work?
Each time you share a session, you will use one Sharecredit.

Everyone gets 1 free Sharecredit when they register and you can purchase more if you want to share more sessions.

Once you have shared a session, you can share it as many times as you want for free. Our servers will send you an email every time you share it, since the session code does not change.

What is this button?
sync_button This is the Sync button. This appears when you change or add to your lessons.  It shows the app needs to sync to the server.

You can click it to manually synchronise your device however drllz will also sync each time you log in, log out or share a session.

You can continue to work during the Sync process.

Click here to see a map of ALL buttons at the bottom of this page.

I need to make my lesson longer/shorter. How can I do that?
Pinch/zoom on the timeline to add or remove time. 
How can I delete a key/player/lesson/session/notes?
Touch and hold on it.

A little menu will appear where you can choose Delete.

My players are moving too fast/slow. How can I fix that?
You can drag each Key along the timeline to re-time your play.key Be careful because you can drag a key anywhere and you might accidentally put your play out of order.
How can I add some notes to my lesson?
Notes are stored in the Notes panel which can be opened or closed with this button …notePanel

Add a note when the Playbar is over the top of a Key like this …playbarClick the + box that appears in the Note panel and type your new Note. When you’ve finished, touch anywhere on screen. Your new note will be visible inside the Note panel where you can click/hold it to edit or delete it

I need to change the email address for my account.  How can I do that?
We need to do this for you. Get in touch with us here to discuss.
I need to change the username for my account. How can I do that?
Sorry but our system doesn’t allow anyone to change username. If you want a new username, you will need to register a new account with that username. 
I want to move/copy a lesson into a different session? How can I do that?
Go into the Lesson menu (?) and touch/hold the lesson, then select Cut or Copy.

Then go back to the Session menu (?) and touch/hold the Session where you want that lesson to be. Select Paste and the lesson will then appear inside that Session.

When my coach emails me a session and I click the button on the email, all my own sessions disappear? Why?
If you click the button on the email, you are only previewing the session and this has no impact on your own account.

If you want to keep the Coach’s session in your account, just log in and paste the code into drllz using this button.


That Session will now appear in your account under your Coach’s username. You won’t be able to edit it however this session will always be their most recent work.

When I start a new lesson, I can't move the playbar? What's going on?
You can’t drag the Playbar until there are some items on the field.  Go into CoachMode and drag some items onto the field. You will then be able to drag the Playbar.


Where is my data stored? How can I back it up?
Your data is always stored on your device at all times.
If you use multiple devices, each device must be able to connect to our server to synchronise your data between them.

On your Android device, your data is stored at /Android/data/com.drllz.drllz/files/EditablePacks/<YourUserID> and can be backed up manually if you wish.

On iOS, your data is stored in your user data folder under /com.drllz.drllz/files/EditablePacks/<YourUserID> and can be backed up manually if you wish.

All data is synchronised to our database during login, logout, sharing, or when you click the Sync button.
All our servers are hosted on the Amazon AWS cloud with multiple redundancy so your data should be available at all times unless our servers are under maintenance.
If your device reports that it cannot connect to our server, please check your device’s internet connection, or wait a few minutes to sync. You can continue working in your device.