last updated : 27 March 2015

Here’s where you’ll find our Privacy Policy   (Click here to read our Terms of Service)

Please read this page carefully as it explains how we handle your data within our system and why we have built it the way it is.

Personal Information

We require all users to register before using drllz. At registration, you need to provide a unique username, a valid email address and a password. We call this data your Personal Information.

  1. Your username is public and permanent. It will be visible to other drllz users. Other drllz users will see your username if you share your sessions with them and if you post onto our website forums.
  2. Your email address is private and will never be visible to any other drllz user at any time.
  3. Your password is private and is encrypted on our server.  If you lose or forget your password, you will need to use the app (or website) to reset it yourself.

We will never send you an email asking you to divulge your any of your Personal Information.

User Data

Your User Data is the data that is generated by your work inside drllz and is private by default unless you decide to share it with others. If you are using drllz on a mobile device (iOS or Android), your data is stored on your device as a plain-text XML file.

  1. On an Android device, your user data can be found at :
    <device root>/Android/data/com.drllz.drllz/files/EditablePacks/<YourUserID>
  2. On an iOS device, your user data can be found at : <coming soon>

We acknowledge that your User Data is your own property however we store a copy of it on our server for your convenience and for backup purposes. All the User Data is synchronised between the app and our servers when :

  1. When you log in.
  2. You press the sync button.
  3. You share a session.
  4. When you log out.

Our server stores User Data in encrypted databases that are backed up regularly. We use Amazon Cloud services to host our app servers because they are secure, reliable and hey, it’s Amazon!


We will never use your Personal Information or User Data for any reason other than its intended purpose inside drllz.

We will never divulge your Personal Information or User Data to any third party outside of drllz without your explicit permission.

We will only use your email to send your requested session sharecodes, any password reset requests and any important news related to the availability of our service.

As part of our general maintenance policy, we delete empty accounts after 30 days of no user access unless that user has made some of their Shared Sessions available for sale on our webstore.


We respect your right to privacy and so we are constantly monitoring our systems to ensure that your User Data and Personal Information remain both private and available to you.  We reserve the right to update our Privacy Policy at any time without notification however the most recent version will always be publicly available on this page and we will generally announce such changes on our blog.

If you have any questions related to this policy, please contact us today.