Sydney Olympic Park Hockey Centre

A far cry from the crowd and energy of the Women’s Olympic Gold medal match between Australia v Argentina in 2000 but today still presents a feisty stoush between 2 bitter rivals. The players may be younger and the venue older but one thing’s for sure. The game never ages. Play well, train hard. Love… Read More »

Hockey buddy

Crisp morning frost bites through the soles of the boots as hair is tied back, shins and mouthguards slide in, and sticks are taped and at the ready. The crowds of supporters huddle over hot coffee while straining hockey buddies yap and yearn for a chance to chase the ball as well. It’s cold but… Read More »

Between the green and the blue

Welcome back to yet another beautiful sunny sporting Saturday where all the  magic happens between lush green fields and crystal blue sky. Remember your mouthguards, water bottles and your manners but most of all, remember to have fun. Train hard and play well, With love Coach


A sunny Saturday shout-out to all the parents, supporters and friends who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make the snacks, pack the bags, clean the uniforms, find the pads and mouthguards,  play taxi and courier for all the teams needs and give throw voice of support from the icy sidelines. THANK YOU. Your support… Read More »


Two goals, one ball and 22 sticks.  Rain, hail or shine, only the dedicated will prevail. #fieldhockey #freezingsaturdaymornings #sausagesizzle #activekids

Golden point

The National Rugby League of Australia is considering scrapping the controversial Golden Point for all of the NRL finals and the NRL Grand Final. The Golden Point is an simple way to solve any tied scores at full time by giving 10 minutes of extra play time in both directions,  then the first team to… Read More »

Congratulations Kawhi Leonard

Big congratulations to San Antonio Spurs #2 Kawhi Leonard who was just nominated NBA Defensive player of the Year for the 2nd year running, beating the runner-up Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors by over 125 points from a voting panel of 150 writers and sports broadcasters. In his fifth year with the team,… Read More »

AFL Highlights from Round 4

For those of you who haven’t seen any Australian Rules football, check this compilation of the top 10 highlights out of AFL Round 4 played last weekend. On the ladder, North Melbourne remain on top and undefeated, while the next 7 spots are on equal points & identical win/loss stats making the  start to the… Read More »

Benny the Bull for the win

Benny the Bull showed them how it’s done this week with an awesome half court backhand fluke shot in front of a packed house and he nailed it. (click image to Benny see in action) Must have been the hours of hot sweaty gym time, living and breathing the moment in the months of lead… Read More »

Worlds most popular sports : 2016 edition

Fresh in from Ian at KaizenContent in the UK (thanks Ian) is an updated map highlighting the most popular sports around the globe in 2016. See the regional breakdowns on their site This page has a beautifully crafted set of infographics showing each countries’ favourites with zoom in on each country for more detail.… Read More »