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Sydney Olympic Park Hockey Centre

A far cry from the crowd and energy of the Women’s Olympic Gold medal match between Australia v Argentina in 2000 but today still presents a feisty stoush between 2 bitter rivals. The players may be younger and the venue older but one thing’s for sure. The game never ages. Play well, train hard. Love… Read More »


A sunny Saturday shout-out to all the parents, supporters and friends who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make the snacks, pack the bags, clean the uniforms, find the pads and mouthguards,  play taxi and courier for all the teams needs and give throw voice of support from the icy sidelines. THANK YOU. Your support… Read More »

Golden point

The National Rugby League of Australia is considering scrapping the controversial Golden Point for all of the NRL finals and the NRL Grand Final. The Golden Point is an simple way to solve any tied scores at full time by giving 10 minutes of extra play time in both directions,  then the first team to… Read More »

Social sharing made easy!

Alrighty Coaches, time for some exciting news!   We just made sharing your sessions on your favourite Social Network super-easy!! When you share a drllz session (ie : click-hold the Session and choose “Share”), our server will send you an email ….. “Yeah? so what, that’s nothing new …” you say? Well now the email looks… Read More »

Welcome to Lacrosse

Hello again to all you sports fans, we just want to let you know that we’ve added the ancient North American sport Lacrosse into drllz (release v0.9.61). This release also includes updates to improve overall system performance. Learn more about Lacrosse here The update is now available at the App store, on Google Play or… Read More »

Launched the FAQ

After many one-on-one email sessions with our awesome Coaches, we decided to launch an FAQ page for frequently asked questions that kept popping up. So we’ve collected all the most popular questions and answers into one page where we hope you can find answers quickly. If there are any missing or unanswered questions, let us… Read More »

Farewell to Richie McCaw

We’re sad to hear the news of retirement of one of the greatest rugby players ever to grace the green fields. Richie McCaw, captain of the All Blacks and winner of 2 World Cups has decided to hang up his boots after the highs of his successful World Cup campaign just a few weeks ago.… Read More »

drllz v0.9.6 is now live on iTunes!

Great news everyone!   The latest version of drllz v0.9.6 is now live on the Apple iTunes store.  What’s new? We added Futsal and Field Hockey so now we have 10 major field sports included There are now 8 GUI languages determined by your device language settings.  English is the default, but now you can use… Read More »

v0.9.6 is out now for Android and web

What’s new in version v0.9.6? We added 2 new sports, Futsal and Field Hockey, taking our total to 10 major field sports (inc. Football, Aussie Rules, Basketball, Gridiron, Ice hockey, Netball, Rugby League,& Rugby Union) We now have 8 languages in the app determined by your phone or tablet’s language settings. Default language is English… Read More »