I'm James Neale, a Technologist and Animator who builds digital ideas into the physical world.

This page serves a snapshot of some of the work I've done over the years either as Technologist, Producer, or 3d artist. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or queries.

My studio is fully equipped for end-to-end service on any digital challenge and all my crew have the knowledge and motivation to ensure your audiences have an unforgettable experience, no matter how big or small your project is.

I've had honour of delivering Experiential and Digital projects for so many fantastic clients, including Viva Energy Australia, Samsung, JLL, GPT, Shell Global, City of Melbourne, Clemenger Group, RAAF, Beaumont Tiles, Dyson, Cadbury, Bridgestone, Carlton United Brewery, Mondolez, Mr Kipling, La Trobe University, University of New England, and the Australian Tax Office .

Below are some of my Social Media links.


Digital installation at Darling Park, Sydney
Darling Park
Shell VR Pitstop
Mondelez Choc Paper Scissors
Choc Paper Scissors
Mr Kipling Slow Moments
Kidifornia for Visit California
Visualisation folio
Character Folio


Here are some of the things I can do for you.

  Design and Specification

I usually design the specification for any system I build. This helps define a clear picture of what you need and how we plan to build and deploy it. My design services can include :

  • User Journey mapping
  • Functional specification
  • Technical specification
  • Visualisation - static and animated
  • System integration design

I can build prototypes, final products and all necessary supporting structures for deployment and I can work with your suppliers to help bring your project to life. My build services include:

  • 3d printing
  • CAD/CAM design
  • Steel fabrication
  • Plastics incl extrusion profiling, welding, blow and injection mold design
  • CNC and manual Lathe & Milling

I can manage the entire process of installation within the constraints of your site or event requirements. My crew have the experience to install experiential projects of any complexity and we always work closely with your team to streamline the deployment.

  • Contractor and Supplier liaison
  • Electrical inspection & certification
  • Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)
  • Documentation incl Installation, Troubleshooting, HOWTOs, FAQs and BIBO support
  • Site induction
  • Technical supervision

I can design and fabricate custom electronics to support your projects.

  • Arduino / Micro:Bit / SBC boards
  • Raspberry Pi / SBC Linux / NUC hardware
  • Vero and custom screened boards
  • RFID registration and logging
  • Sensor installation
  • Support and maintenance

My studio can create engaging Mixed Realities that your audience will love, and we provide all the supporting design, software and hardware as required.

  • Interactive Virtual reality
  • 360° filming and projections
  • Room-scale interactive VR with tracked physical props
  • Seated or standing Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality for mobile and headsets
  • Training facilities - setup and management

I design and build all types of interactive and passive Screen setups, including touchscreens, kiosks, media walls, and projections for indoor and outdoor application.

  • Wayfinders & Information Kiosks
  • Digital signage
  • Gaming machines and surrounding screens
  • Touchscreens
  • Eye-tracking
  • Body, hand and facial motion interaction
  • Multi-screen Media Walls
  • Dome projections

I can build systems to allow your audience to share their experiences and to amplify your message. Our solutions included Front and Back-end builds with comprehensive data reporting to prove your experiences really do work.

  • Data capture
  • Customised microsite with hosting
  • Customised SMS messaging
  • Custom Video generation including onsite live feeds
  • Detailed usage and interaction reporting

I use IoT systems to record and log any metric required, whether it be on or off grid, remote or localised install.

  • People, Object & Motion sensing
  • Vehicle & Foot traffic
  • OpenCV object/person detection
  • Environmental sensing
  • Localised, Server &/or Cloud logging
  • Networked with Eth, CatM1, LoRaWan, GSM 2/3/4G & SigFox
  • Battery/Solar backup

I provide customised reports on any required metric to give you an extremely detailed picture on how your audiences are engaging and how their time was spent. Using this data, we can work together to fine-tune the experiences during activation and provide comprehensive hourly/daily/weekly reports for your campaign needs.

  • Experience usage
  • UI interaction mapping
  • Footfall and dwell time
  • Heat-mapping
  • Eye-tracking
  • Social sharing statistics
  • Traffic and iOT reports


Phone: +61 (0)402 39 2233
Email: james AT neale.digital