How to use drllz – step 1

By | January 12, 2015

Here is a short video and blog post showing you how to work in drllz.

Open drllz with a read-only lesson from the video above.

It’s really easy.
Once you’re in your first Lesson, click the drllz button and a menu will appear.
From the menu, drag some players or a ball onto the field and position them where you want them to start.
Then move the playbar along the timeline, and reposition them all again. You’ve just created an animation with drllz.  Press play to watch it!

Keep going by moving the playbar up the timeline then repositioning your players again.

You will notice a little white circle appears on the timeline each time you do something new.  These circles are called keyframes and you can slide them along to speed up or slow down certain moves. Or you can just delete them by click/hold and choosing Delete.

You can also type in notes whenever the playbar is above a keyframe. Just click the box that appears in the Notes area.

When you’re finished, go back into your Lesson menu and rename by click/holding the title. You can have up to 10 lessons inside one Session.

One level back is the Session menu. Here you can rename or delete your sessions, and if you want to share you can do that too. Just click/hold and click Share. Your share code will  then appear on the clipboard ready for you to paste into an email and send to all your team mates. They just paste the code into drllz to see your work.

You’ll also receive an email from us with the share code for your own reference.
And don’t worry about losing it!  If you ever need that code again, just click Share  and it’ll appear on your clipboard and in your inbox again at any time.

For more information, be sure to read the Instructions page.

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