v0.9.6 is out now for Android and web

By | November 6, 2015
The iOS version has been submitted for review and should appear in a few days.
What’s new in version v0.9.6?

  • We added 2 new sports, Futsal and Field Hockey, taking our total to 10 major field sports (inc. Football, Aussie Rules, Basketball, Gridiron, Ice hockey, Netball, Rugby League,& Rugby Union)
  • We now have 8 languages in the app determined by your phone or tablet’s language settings. Default language is English and we now have Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesian and Dutch.
  • There’s a new start page for a smoother login and registration process.
  • We rewrote a lot of Server-side code to make synchronisation substantially faster. We’re seeing 200-300% speed improvements.
  • Lots of small bugs fixed and code optimised so you should notice it’s more stable and faster.
New login page

New login page

Futsal and Field Hockey added

Futsal and Field Hockey added

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