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Follow this ball.

See if you can follow the ball on this play. Such a beautiful display of ball control while moving forward. You can see in the final phase that the attackers each only touch once so the defenders have really no chance to position themselves properly. Great execution of a complex and well-rehearsed move. Imagine the… Read More »

Lacrosse – classic shot

In light of our recent inclusion of Lacrosse into drllz, we’ve dug a bit deeper for for some interesting facts and pics from the past. Did you know Lacrosse has been played in some form or another across the North American continent for over 1000 years? Early missionaries and explorers into these remote areas reported… Read More »

Blast from the past

Found a fantastic classic photo from the golden age of the Chicago Bulls. Taken somewhere between 1995-1998, this era marked the 2nd time the Bulls had won 3 consecutive NBA titles in a row and ended with the retirement of Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman. Left to right #91. Dennis Rodman 6’7″ #33. Scottie Pippen… Read More »

Football Trickery

Unbelievable attack sequence by Swedish superstar Zlatan Ibrahimović Even the cameraman can’t keep up.    

Crime in sport

Here’s a reasonably strange chart comparing arrest rates of professional athletes from some of the major sport leagues in the US. Football takes honours with the lowest rate of crime and the NBA claiming its spot as the baddest. This is only a chart of those who were caught … Stay well, train hard and… Read More »

5 of the season’s biggest hits in the NRL

Here’s a compilation video showing 5 huge tackles from this year’s Australian National Rugby League season.  Until you actually see a live game, it’s so difficult to imagine how massive these guys are or how hard they play. Full respect.

Caption this.

Wouldn’t you love a long-distance microphone sometimes? Photo from Sep 10, 2011. Notre-Dame quarterback Tommy Rees listens to head coach Brian Kelly after calling a time out in the fourth quarter of an NCAA college football game. Michigan won 35-31. Photo by AP Photo/Tony Ding

The yellow line

Found a fascinating video explaining how they draw the yellow line on the field during a live NFL broadcast. Don’t you love it when sports technology is explained well?